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HorrifyingGhost Tours In Seattle, WA 98118

Ifyou want to know about Seattle in a different way, then you must go for a ghosttour. It will be a great experience, and you may learn a bit of local history.Most of the famous ghost tours in Seattle take place in October. So, you canplan your trip accordingly. Here are some of those terrifying ghosttours.  
SpookedIn Seattle SpookedIn Seattle is a ghost tour that might give you nightmares. They try to keep itreal. Therefore, all the stories and places they share on their tours are basedon true stories. These tours are led by some paranormal investigators.Moreover, they offer activities such as ghost hunting. You can bring yourdevice to record some paranormal activities. They even offer private tours thatare different from the groups. In their Death Museum, they host special eventslike movies and readings.       

      MarketGhost Tour PikePlace Market is one of the most popular attractions for tourists as well as forthe locals. However, this is also a destination for ghost tours, which issurprising. The market has a long history, and it is the oldest farmers marketin the USA. Even if you don't believe in ghosts, you will know about thehistory of this place. You can take a special Halloween Market Ghost Tour inOctober. So, don't forget to buy your tickets online if you are planning forthis tour.  

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Seattle,WA 98118

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